Paris Hilton Talks Up Nicole Richie’s Baby


She’s been busy promoting her latest movie at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as attending rapper 50 Cent’s MySpace Nights concert.  But Paris Hilton still made time to boast about her BFF Nicole Richie’s new baby.

Harlow Winter Kate Madden was born on January 12th and ever since, the “Stars are Blind” singer has been going all out to pamper her new “niece.”

Paris told press, “I’m so excited!  I’ve sent her all these presents. I’m going to spoil her!” As for the newborn’s moniker, Hilton says it’s a trendsetter, for sure.

“It’s the coolest name ever.  I’m like, ‘That is the coolest name, oh my God!’ I wouldn’t even think she would have thought of that. It’s a beautiful name.  Nicole is so into it.  She always knows what’s cool before it happens.”

As for her former short-lived BFF Britney Spears, Paris wishes her only the best.  “She’s such a sweet girl.  When I’m alone with her, she’s a completely different person than they make her out to be. And I love her, I think she’s very sweet and has a big heart.  She’s amazing.  I just want her to be happy. I think everything’s going to be OK.”

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One Response to Paris Hilton Talks Up Nicole Richie’s Baby

  1. Mikaela

    wow. paris isn’t back-biting anyone anymore. she’s completely changed and i can definitely see it.

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