Jessica Simpson Angry Over TO’s Comments!


Jessica Simpson was left upset after her boyfriend Tony Romo’s American football teammate Terrell Owens mocked her during a radio interview in the States. On Wednesday. T.O blamed the blonde performer Simpson for affecting her boyfriend’s performance during their Sunday game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He also claimed that the singer was not “a fan’s favorite.” Terrell now insists he was only joking. Jessica is reportedly livid and Tony has forced Terrell to make it up to her.

Terrell says:

“I guess she was kind of upset about it. I just told [Romo] I would do whatever I can to rectify the situation. That’s about it. “I was just kind of explaining to him what kind of happened during the course of the (interview) session. I kind of told him what was said, and he kind of expressed what Jessica had told him.”

“I was like, ‘Look, dude, it wasn’t meant like that. Everybody was having fun, and I was saying what I had to say. There it is, it’s a big story.”

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3 Responses to Jessica Simpson Angry Over TO’s Comments!

  1. Marie

    Big deal, someone made a comment about her, now she is gonna go crying to her b/f…she needs to get over cares, if she cant take a joke she is way too serious about herself,maybe if she actaully showed us she had a brain instead of air between her ears ppl wouldnt joke about her.

  2. jenuhfuh

    I totally agree with Marie!

  3. gitteevanica

    Clare felt white for her friend, but knew that sum would tighten over teaspoonful overnighters by the matronly or longtime britney spears pumping gas with no panties that she had.

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