Jessica Simpson Is Not Wanted


Jessica Simpson is dating Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, and her presence at the Cowboys vs Eagles game this past weekend only serves to confirm the pairís growing romantic bond.

Jess wore a pink #9 jersey and made herself comfortable in a luxury suite, shouting ďRomo!Ē when the television cameras zeroed in on her.

Even Tonyís parents were in the house for yesterdays 10-6 loss.† But it looks like all the pressure of having his new chick and mom and dad in the crowd hampered Romoís playing ability.† He had a pretty rough game, bruising the thumb on his throwing hand.† Letís just hope Jessica isnít bad luck for the football stud.

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8 Responses to Jessica Simpson Is Not Wanted

  1. sonia

    Jessica needs to stay away from her father. its seems like things don’t work out in her life when that man is around.. She will never find someone like nick… That dad of hers controls her life… This romo guy should get out now…

  2. blanca

    can you say dumb blonde!!!
    she really must not have a real brain!!! and her dad must get out of her life she is an adult already not a kid!!!

  3. blanca

    can you say dumb blonde!!!
    she really must not have a real brain!!! and her dad must get out of her life and get one of his own.she is an adult but she acts like a kid

  4. Annie

    this story has nothing to do with her dad. But anyways I think it’s dumb to blame her for him not playing well. It’s nobody’s fault but his for the way he’s playing, he’s allowing himself to be distracted. There’s a lot of athletes that have their gf’s and wives present and still play their best, he just needs to learn to focus.

  5. sarah

    I agree with you Annie !! She has every right to be there. Regarding her father, no one really knows what happens behind the scenes of ppl’s lives.If her bf was not playing well, it could have been for any number of reasons.. not b/c Jess was there, that is just crazy !!

  6. Seinna

    okay yall are smart leaving comments when it syas romo’s dad && mom not jessicas and yall are calling her the dumb blonde…gosh

  7. anonymous

    hahah totally agree with you seinna i was thinking the same thing myself when i was reading so i started to think that maybe I missed something that wasn’t being said about her dad…as for his ability to play ..your’s HIS responsibility as a player and TEAMMATE to stay focused regardless who is watching him..i am sure that 3 people didn’t distract him to the point that the WHOLE TEAM LOST…he has the nation watching him …well whoever likes eagles and cowboys anyways..and yeah she may be a lil ..nieve and off the wall sometimes with things she says a bit more then others but that certainly doesn’t make the woman stupid i mean you try to be famous ….you try to be perfect…YOU TRY TO PLEASE EVERYONE ….and see how well you do !!!!

  8. Jenni

    Why shouldn’t she be there? That is stupid. Also BAD LUCK, come on you either win or you lose…GET A GRIP!!!!

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