Hayden Panettiere & Stephen Colletti Split!


There’s one more Hollywood hottie back on the market. Heroes star Hayden Panettiere has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend, Laguna Beach’s Stephen Colletti.

According to Us magazine, the 18-year old Claire Bennett actress is once again open to eligible suitors now that her romance with Colletti has come to its end.


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5 Responses to Hayden Panettiere & Stephen Colletti Split!

  1. Deborah

    she is really pretty in this pic!!!!

  2. Nada

    I read that she is dating her heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia. Maybe she wanted someone older, and they wanted to wait til she was legal. He’s hot, and she’s pretty. Maybe this means Stephen can be a full cast member for OTH!

  3. Nicole

    I never saw the show heroes, but I like Hayden she cool!!!!!!!

  4. Nikki

    lol NADA about the ”Legal” thing. I never saw the Heroes show either, but how old is her co-star anyway. he can’t be that old? can he?

  5. becky boo

    he is in his 30s

    she should slow down, she has plenty of time to be an adult later. why would she want to date someone that age? where r the guys closer to her age? i wish kids this age realized how fast teen years turn into the twenties and then there is no going back. you can play adult or house but you cant play teen after you enter real life.

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