Dysfunctional Family of the Year 2007!


Leeni (aka “Coolbert Girl”) has just designed a hilarious parody based on the whole Jamie Lynn Spears drama.

 Check it out!  Is this the future of the Spears Family?

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3 Responses to Dysfunctional Family of the Year 2007!

  1. lisa1986_02

    i think people should just leave her alone she is a role model for a whole new crowd now teen mothers are in need of some 1 like her the news just came out let them tell use what her plan of action is it’s her life and her baby so live with it and let them go on with there life

  2. Steph

    Most young girls would not be teen mothers if they had decent role models. This tramp and her sister are just 2 of oh-so-many crappy “role models” that aren’t worthy of admiration. She’s ruining her life and that of the baby. I do not, for one second, believe that she is going to be a “good mom”. She still a baby herself. That family should be ashamed of itself for the horrible offspring they have produced.

  3. lisa1986_02

    well you have so much room to talk right every1 makes mistakes and i bet you have made some yourself steph if anything you should be ashamed for talking about a kid who has made what she thinks is a good desicion by keeping the baby what would you say if she wasn’t would you be happy or as judgemental as your being now and i really think she would be a good mother just to prove she can do better then her sister so don’t be such a freaking jerk bitch

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