Christina Aguilera Gets Naked For Marie Claire!


Proving the point that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, Christina Aguilera opted to pose nude for her Marie Claire cover.  And Demi Moore and Britney Spears ain’t got nothing on this “Genie in a Bottle.”

The January issue of the women’s magazine not only features a revealing cover shot, but also an intimate interview of the sensational singer.  For starters, she confesses that she and hubby Jordan Bratman weren’t especially looking to have kids this soon.

She said,

“We were planning on starting to try after the [Nov. 2006-May 2007 Back to Basics] tour. And so, I had gone off the Pill to prepare my body, because I didn’t know how much time it would take.  You’ve heard it takes some time – except with Power Egg and Super Sperm here.  I’m like, Oh, my God, can you believe it just happened?”

The “Dirrty” singer also talked about the rigors of touring with a bun in the oven. 

“I was paranoid.  There are so many things that could go wrong – somebody could slip, somebody could fall, I could fall. There was no way in hell I was going to jeopardize my baby for my show.”

In order to preserve her health, as well as the baby’s, she wore a secret heart monitor during her performances. 

“I didn’t want to make the audience uncomfortable, like, ‘Pregnant lady onstage! Is she going to be okay?’ But I had to announce it to my band and my dancers because I wanted to make sure they had my back.”

Aguilera talked frankly about blending her sexuality with being a mommy. 

“We’re so labeled. If you’re too sexual, you’re slutty. If you’re not sexual enough, you’re a prude. I like to put it out there as a topic of conversation. Why does it bother you? What’s your problem with it? Am I really hurting you? Let’s get to the root of it.”

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6 Responses to Christina Aguilera Gets Naked For Marie Claire!

  1. Kristen

    Wow she’s so beautifull..
    I’d kill to look like her.

  2. mrs. martinez

    i agree with kristen she is so beautiful and you can tell she will be a great mother!!

  3. Natasha

    I agree with Kristen! She is amazingly beautiful!


    I bet the baby will be a boy.
    and yes, i agree with mrs. martinez, you can tell she will be a wonderful mommy

  5. Marie

    Its been almost a week since she had her baby and this website has not posted anything about it..I heard it on another site..they r quick to post other crap but still havent posted an article about the baby.

  6. allison

    i love that everybody used to call her a skank and that she wasn’t a good role model compared to britney. guess the tables have turned.

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