Britney Spears Demands K-Fed Vasectomy!


Britney Spears is begging her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, to have a vasectomy because she doesn’t want the father of four having children with any other women. A tabloid snitch told us,

“She doesn’t want the money she gives Kevin to help support a child he might have with Nicole or anyone else,”

A National Enquirer insider reveals:

“After all that’s happened, Britney still wants to get back with Kevin-and she certainly doesn’t want him having any more children with anyone else.”

“Britney even offered to pay for the vasectomy and promised to get her tubes tied if Kevin agreed to it: She told him: ‘You have four. You don’t need any more. Please think about it.”

“Kevin won’t get a vasectomy but thinks it’s a great idea for Britney to get her tubes tied. He told her: ‘Hell no! No one is snipping me! He wants more Federlines.”

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10 Responses to Britney Spears Demands K-Fed Vasectomy!

  1. Meme

    He needs castration

  2. Meme

    of course he wants more Federlines … and more Britneys to support them. He is such a loser. He needs fixed like any roaming animal creating more strays.

  3. me

    They both should defiantly get snipped and tied!! Neither one of them are doing a great job. He seriously just wants her money, I think he loves the boys, but that is the main thing cause he knows his broke behind can’t sale any records. Most people probably wouldn’t even know who he is if it wasn’t for her popularity. She really has a lot of issues, and I truly hope that she gets the help she deserves and needs. It isn’t like she can’t afford it. Those boys need their mom!

  4. Erica

    I don’t think any other these are the main issues. I don’t have a prob w/ either one, but I don’t think Britney has a say in whether he gets fixed or not.

  5. New York Girl

    lol :) Me!!! you’re right about that one. He can’t rap 2 save his life. He F**king sux ass!!!!! Yea, I think he just wants sum more of her money!!!!!

  6. Nicole

    COME ON!!!!! She’s blonde again? Make up ur F**king mind, Britney. damn!!!!


    Nicole…can’t you see its an old picture? and besides, i dont think thats should be a problem


    and i totally support britney for that desicion, at last, some sanity. she really needs to get her life back together, I dont know why she led her life to all of these unfortunate events. I remember her debut album, was my very first purchase ever. (besides candy at school)

  9. Seinna

    Dude k fed should get it done bc he is just going to screw alot of other women and they are going to lose a lot of money for him…..why even have a kid w/ him?!?! he’s butt ugly!!

  10. Jennifer

    hey britney should get her tubes tied because shes trying to have a baby with some other guy and she doesnt want anything to do with the 2 little boys shes got now so why should it matter k fed is the one stepping up on being a father and makes sure they are takin care of she didnt even seem like she cared for those boys all she did was have themout late britney why dont you get over what you are on and try and be a mom to your boys they need you and this is gonna hurt them in the long run watch

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