Larry Birkhead Continues to Flaunt Dannielynn!


Anna Nicole Smith’s sperminator, Larry Birkhead, accidentally ended up on paparazzi-infested Robertson Blvd. on Sunday.

He just HAD to go shopping with 14-month-old Dannielynn on Robertson.

The two stopped by Kitson spending her mommy’s dough. Don’t you just love how he’s holding his trophy for all the world to see? He totally got baby holding tips from Tom Cruise.

wenn5059553_preview.jpg wenn5059554_preview.jpg wenn5059555_preview.jpg wenn5059556.jpg wenn5059557_preview.jpg

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8 Responses to Larry Birkhead Continues to Flaunt Dannielynn!

  1. me

    Why shouldn’t he hold her like a trophy! Stop being so judgemental of these people. HE LOVES HER!! And, he is probably spending the money on her!! She is defiantly not lacking for stuff!

  2. Sarah

    who cares….he’s the father. he has every right to flaunt his child…..any other parent would

  3. kase


  4. SJM Portland

    Good for him – he’s out being a normal dad, taking his daughter shopping. It really doesn’t matter if he went shopping at Target – they will always have their picture taken. He doesn’t have to hide her under a blanket like Michael Jackson does with his kids. Sheesh people!

  5. Kayla

    He can hold his daughter anyway that he pleases! They are both so adorable, I would be showing her off too! And Dannielynn is soooo much better off without her mother. I think that he is a great father.

  6. Cody

    LMFAO I love how her shirt says “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?” because, if you think about it, its ironic, after all the controversy…and then being caught by the papz. haha

  7. Jaclyn

    LOL @ the cody’s comment. So funny! I didn’t even notice the shirt.

  8. Jen

    they are so cute together

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