Vanessa Hudgens: More Nude Photos To Come?


According to recent rumblings, it appears as if Vanessa Hudgens nude picture nightmare  may be far from over. Apparently, the photo released was one of many, with the rest to be released at the holder’s discretion.

The same people who first reported that the nude pictures existed are claiming that “not only are their more photos coming down the pike, but they may include nude shots other than full frontals.”

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7 Responses to Vanessa Hudgens: More Nude Photos To Come?

  1. danyon

    thats not vanessa it don even look like her >:{ bitches

  2. railyn

    danyon, read up- ya it is her- she made a public apology and there from 2 years ago so thats why it doesnt look like her as much now. read up… bitches

  3. Emily

    ya i agree thats deff. not her….she has a thin looking face….and whoever is doing this is obviously doing it for publicity….or to get Venessa more publicy and give her a bad name.

  4. Deborah

    i agree with emily shes RIGHT

  5. mark

    you people are stupid!!! she admits to having taken those pics, all of them. so stop trying to defend her and wake up to yourselves. its her, it is her and it will always be her! how can you people be so stupid in still thinking its not her????

  6. deborah

    um i agree with emily! and btw i dnt see how this is nude!

  7. Megan

    U can plainly see it is her & if u dnt belive me look it up on google & it will take you straight to them! i didnt belive it either but if u look at them you clearly see its her!

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