Reese Says “Too Soon” To Jake’s Proposal


There’s nothing like a romantic trip to Italy to put your sweetie in the mood to get married.  But when Jake Gyllenhaal proposed to Reese Witherspoon on their recent vacation, she turned him down.

While she’s supposedly madly in love with Jake, Reese doesn’t fancy getting married again anytime soon. 

A source told press,

“Reese says it is just too soon after her divorce from Ryan to think about marrying again. She is madly in love with Jake, but her divorce just became final, and she doesn’t want to rush into anything.”

Here’s the rundown- Jake did everything right to set himself up to pop the question.  They took a walk around the Piazza di Spagna, visited the Trinita dei Monti, climbed the Monte Mario hill, and had dinner at the Zodiaco café.  Then he took a knee and asked the “Legally Blonde” actress for her hand in marriage.

Unfortunately for Jake, Reese wasn’t quite there yet.  According to an insider,

“Reese wants to take things very slowly because of her two young children. She doesn’t want anything to upset or disrupt them. It took her a while to introduce them to Jake – she didn’t want them to know they were a couple until they were definitely serious about each other.”

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2 Responses to Reese Says “Too Soon” To Jake’s Proposal


    didn’t they just became a couple? Reese waz right to turn down the proposal.

  2. Jennifer

    i dont blame her for turning down the proposal she just got her divorce settled and i think her heart isnt ready to take that step at the moment let the girl date and be happy and she will settle down when she is ready too

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