Britney Celebrates Thanksgiving At Virgin Records


This is kind of odd… With all the public scrutiny plaguing her, you’d think that Britney Spears would do something to indicate her interest in spending Thanksgiving with her family.  But you’d be wrong.

The “Gimme More” singer drove from her Beverly Hills home to her local Virgin Records Store to pick up a CD before heading over to the Four Seasons Hotel.  And according to a psychologist’s interview, she’s the new “Michael Jackson.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky told press that Britney’s family past – her father’s substance abuse, and hereditary mental imbalance – have led to her problems. 

“It’s how her father treated her, it’s the divorce and it’s the genetics.”

Pinsky told press,

“At least 60% of addiction is accounted for on the basis of genetics. I’ve never treated an addict that didn’t have a family history of the disease. You have to inherit it from somewhere. We know that she is a drug addict because she’s been admitted to a treatment center. You can’t be admitted unless you’ve met criteria for addiction.”

Dr. Drew blasts claims that Brit’s problems stem from post-partum depression.

“If you go to a psychiatric hospital for post-partum depression, you go to the psychiatric hospital, you don’t go to the chemical dependency program. She is a drug addict. It is an indisputable point.”

He continued,

“And she has a parent with an addiction. Just by having a parent with addiction puts you at about a 50% risk for having your own addiction problem. But, just because you have a genetic heritage doesn’t mean you’re going to get an addiction. A childhood trauma, physical abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, will also propel a person towards full-blown addiction.”

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4 Responses to Britney Celebrates Thanksgiving At Virgin Records

  1. Lindsey

    Ok, isn’t it against law for a doctor to be talking about their patient? Unless she gave her consent…

  2. Angel

    I agree, They can’t give out stuff like that.


    i agree too, but i always knew all of these behaviour was post partum depression, i knew she wasnt so called “crazy” for no reason.
    i hope she gets her life together.

  4. Amy

    I don’t think that she IS his patient, he’s making assessments based upon public records.

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