Hulk Hogan Headed For Divorce Court


They were the bleach-blonde nuclear family, but due to his wife, Linda Hogan, filing for divorce earlier this week, it seems Hulk Hogan is about to become a bachelor again.

Hulk, real name Terry Gene Bollea, and Linda, real name Linda Marie Bollea, got hitched way back in 1983 when the former was rising to fame in the wrestling world.  They have two children, 19-year-old Brooke, and 17-year-old Nick.

The Hogans charmed their way into the living rooms of America over the past couple years with their reality show, “Hogan Knows Best.” But after this week, it would stand to reason that the title may have been a misnomer.

The former wrestling champion told press,

“Thank you for the great information,” after he was notified by a reporter that Linda had filed for divorce.  “My wife has been in California for about three weeks. … Holy smokes.  Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me.”

With Brooke being of legal age and Nick not far behind, this one will probably be more over money than anything else.  We’ll keep you updated.

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8 Responses to Hulk Hogan Headed For Divorce Court

  1. Rae Copeland

    OMG!!! I really hope this isn’t true!! I have always thought that they were such a beautiful family but I did notice that Linda seemed a little lonely!!! I hope they were everything out!! They have been together 24 years!!! Thats worth working for!!

  2. Sarah

    Must suck royally to find you your wife is filing for a divorce through a reporter….even if you are famous. gets some balls and tell him to his face..JEEZ!

  3. Jess

    Ah, I hope this isnt true. Thats so sad they’ve been together so long!
    I hope they can work things out.

  4. holly

    holy shit!! this cant be..maybe it is for more publicity, although they dont need it. maybe she just ate some bad fish or something..things hopefully will be fine in hoganland.

  5. Heather

    They are such a cute family… That would be horrible if they broke up!

  6. gwen

    oh god, whatever makes them happy, sometimes appearances are deceiving.. ive been married 5 years im just waiting for my son to be about 16 17 so i can file for divorce,and every one thinks we are the perfect couple, if only they knew.

  7. New York Girl

    I kinda knew that something like this would happen. it was only a matter of time.

  8. aNnA

    if I was married to the guy I would get divorced too.

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