Disney Stars Hit High School Musical 2 DVD Party


Well, it’s official. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are the cutest couple to come out of Disney-land since Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears left the Mickey Mouse Club.

The “Seventeen” stud and his singer/actress girlfriend were on the red carpet yesterday in Los Angeles for the DVD release of High School Musical 2.

They wore matching leather jackets, another reminder of the Justin/Britney romance (remember when they got all decked out in the denim outfits for an awards show?), and smiled pretty for the camera.  And from the sound of it, there will be yet another HSM installment for these two to get rich off of.

Vanessa recently told press that she’s really excited about the prospect of High School Musical 3. 

“To do a third one for the big screen, I can’t begin to think how much fun we’ll have.”

And it sounds like the whole crew is up for it. 

“Only a few people have actually signed the contracts … [But] we’re all definitely on board.”

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8 Responses to Disney Stars Hit High School Musical 2 DVD Party

  1. Megs10

    Does anyone else think this whole couple thing is just for publicity? Its just like Britt and Justin… it will end when the 3rd HSM is done…

  2. Kristen

    Jeez, I’m surprised he’s still with her. Then again, she’s hot so that’s probably one of the main reasons why. But I agree with you, it’s probably for publicity and will be over in no time.

  3. Angel

    I think they are a cute couple. But it is weired how they are always together like that. Maybe it is for publicity. There was a rumor that Zac Efron was gay!

  4. Dana

    Its all fer publicity.. honestly how many celeb couples actually last nehow??? Plus how many couple in real life actally deliberatly dress to match.. How lame!!

  5. Kayla ♥

    I think vanessa and zach look really good together.. even though Zac is really Hott!!


    lol Megs, I agree it is for publicity and i think it will end before the HSM3 movie stops rolling.

  7. lakayla

    i love zac efron, and i think they are a cute couple. and i think he is gonna break up up with vanessa to go out with me. lol, i love him, and i am only 7 years old… he is so hot.. but they are a great couple…

  8. Charli-otte-Green

    Everyone should juz leave em alone… we will find if it fake after hsm3 … If not then tht will prove u all rong

    Hsm3 Has stopped bein filmed and therr still 2gether so tht proved u rong NYCGirl

    Just Get a Life

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