Fill In The Blank: Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes is pissed at Tom Cruise because________.

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11 Responses to Fill In The Blank: Katie Holmes

  1. Chris

    Cause he’s not gonna put her in his next, so she’s like “ugh! your not gonna put me in your next movie? your an ass.”

  2. Tarea

    She didn’t know that he was crazy as hell. Now he is asking her why is she looking around at other men.LOL

  3. MAMA!!

    why the fuk do you have to be shorter than me, tom!! UGH!!

  4. Ashley

    She thinks those playgirl pictures from back in the day were a god awful lie. *Obejects in picture appear larger then they actually are… Sorry Tom.)

  5. Abbie

    she thinks he’s working too much instead of hanging with suri.

  6. MAMA!!

    ew whats that on ur forehead

  7. Steph

    He’s breathing… still…

  8. Shanna

    Tom…Did you just fart?? Thats disgusting!

    Who the F*ck do you think you are anyway!
    What?? That didn’t make any sense!

  9. stephanie

    b/c well maybe the sun is in her eyes and she’s not mad y r we saying she is we aren’t 4 sure!

  10. Amy

    and you paid HOW much to have that done to your hair… exactly?

  11. shollymarie

    You mean to tell me that you are NOT going to get any taller!!??

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