Jessica Alba Needs A Break


She’s already been in 5 movies this year, and she’s working on 3 more in the upcoming months… Jessica Alba needs some serious time off!

Her latest film, “Awake” looks like it’s gonna be a white-knuckle thriller.  It opens next Friday (November 30th) and stars Hayden Christensen and Lena Olin.

Currently, the Dark Angel actress is filming “The Love Guru” with Mr. Austin Powers, himself, Mike MyersJessica reports that she’s having a blast with the “So I Married An Axe Murderer” actor.  “I can’t keep a straight face most of the time because he’s doing what he can to crack me up.”

But this girl has just about had it.  At the “Awake” premiere last week, she told press, “I’ve worked the last two and a half years without stopping.  This is the time to do it [take a break].” Reportedly her sabbatical will run eight months, giving her the rest and relaxation she needs in order to avoid a burnout.

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One Response to Jessica Alba Needs A Break

  1. Baybeegirl

    i love jess alba, and she deserves a really long break after everything she has done! bless her!

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