Kim Kardashian: Mom Made Me Do It


Whenever a celebrity does a spread for Playboy, there are mixed reviews as to whether or not they should’ve gone through with it.  And Kim Kardashian is responding to criticism that she’s receiving for baring all.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” starlet has revealed that she wasn’t alone in making the decision to pose for the men’s magazine.  She was encouraged by her mother to go for it.

Kim told press,

“My mom actually pushed me to do it! I think she’s living vicariously through me a little bit.”

She continued her defense,

“I did it because I’m not one of those stick-skinny girls you see. I felt like girls today need to see a normal body.”

Note to Kim:  Most girls today don’t read Playboy.

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3 Responses to Kim Kardashian: Mom Made Me Do It

  1. becky boo

    I think Kim is awesome, has an amzaing body and is not stick thin! I think she should be praised for having the guts to show what she did to PlayBoy in a world where anything but anorexic is considered fat! If anyone should do playboy it is her!

  2. mandy24

    kim is not the first non ‘stick thin’ girl to pose for playboy, let us not forget that one of the original muses for playboy was Marilyn Monroe who was a size 14, but kim is no Marilyn. It seems that she’s trying to blow herself up with all this sex tape and playboy stuff, but it doesn’t seem like she has much to back it up with, talent wise, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

  3. kdm_rdnk

    I agree with becky. Who the fuck cares about her posing in Playboy. It’s not a trashy magazine. Yeah there’s naked girls but you see worse on cable tv. I guess people would be happier if she were getting publicity for going to rehab, or getting her kids taken away, or going from beautiful and curvy to ugly and stick thin!

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