Britney Spears Steps Up Security


Whether this is for real or just a ploy to get her kids back remains to be seen.  Britney Spears has reportedly taken additional “security measures” to ensure that her two boys are safe when they’re with her.

According to her lawyer, Sorell Trope,

“Recent aggressive actions by individuals who have followed (Spears) and blocked her access, with and without the children, have resulted in her decision to take certain security measures which she hopes will only be necessary temporarily, for the protection of the children.”

This announcement comes after a judge ordered that the “Gimme More” singer is no longer allowed to drive her kids anywhere.  And the end of this custody battle seems farther off every day.

Trope told press,

“Ms. Spears hopes that she and Mr. Federline will be able to reach an agreement as to all matters concerning their children.  She hopes that by not commenting on court proceedings the media attention in those proceedings will subside, which she requests for the safety and well being of the children.”

And it looks like she’ll be taking some time off of custody battles to deal with the fallout from this week’s US Weekly accusations.  The tabloid magazine is alleging that the “Toxic” singer was “having sex with Justin from the moment they got together,” at age 14.

Additionally, Brit’s past includes a suicidal grandmother (she shot herself in the chest at the grave of a dead infant son) and a couple of homeless criminal uncles.  No wonder she’s got issues!

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5 Responses to Britney Spears Steps Up Security

  1. sarah

    ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TRYING TO SAY THAT B/C SHE HAD SOME CRAZY RELATIVES.. SHE IS CRAZY? That is pathetic.. I seriously could care less if she was having sex with Justin way back when.. we all have a past.. we all have things that are hidden that maybe we would like to stay there.. geesh..

  2. Ashley

    I think everyone juz needs 2 give britney a break come on shes not crazy she juz has a lot going on geeze take it easy nd as for the having sex with justin since she was 14 so wat thats in the past if she did she did give it up

  3. Wendi

    Don’t see why people are still talking about her. Blah Blah Blah
    It’s not like she’s any different than a lot of the young mothers now a days anyways.

  4. New York Girl

    I agree with u, Sarah. Who f**kin’ cares? Her and Justin were in a relationship. Sex is part of a relationship u f**kin’ D*ckheads!!!!!

  5. Britney

    i use to be the biggest fan of britney. but then she married kevin and he just turn her into something that i hate. so im not a fan. yea i listen to her music but i dont like her anymore. i think she is a bad influance, and i know she lost her kids and thats sad, and honestly i think she would take better care them then kevin. well thats my opinion.

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