Carrie Underwood Rocks Out Rockerfeller Center


The growing success of American Idol graduate Carrie Underwood keeps gaining momentum, as the country darling continues to line up appearances promoting her name.

Most recently, Underwood spent Tuesday evening in the Big Apple performing for an upcoming TV show, “Christmas at the Rockefeller Center,” to be aired on November 28th.

Besides grabbing attention through her music, Carrie is also being recognized for her style.

The country star shares the cover of the UsWeekly with Batman Begins actress Katie Holmes, as Carrie was voted to have the “Sexiest New Style.”

According to the magazine,

“The American Idol champ who once bragged about her jeans collection is now a consistent red carpet charmer in top designers like Escada and Mazria.”

When told of her new title, Carrie told press,

“My fashion vocabulary has expanded!”

142.jpg 245.jpg 343.jpg 444.jpg 542.jpg 633.jpg

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3 Responses to Carrie Underwood Rocks Out Rockerfeller Center

  1. becky boo

    I am so happy for this girl! She deserves to be livin’ large and I hope it never goes to her head and that she stays “REAL” in the platic world that is trying to suck her in…

  2. amber

    she is pretty!!

  3. ashley23

    this girl is should be so proud of herself!
    shes done so much!
    she deserves it!
    shes a beautiful girl!!!

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