The Olsen Twins As Bridesmaids


Those are the two prettiest bridesmaid dresses I have ever seen. The Olsen twins were photographed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they stood by their friend’s side as she married on the beach during sunset. How romantic!!

You can really see the difference in Mary Kate and Ashley’s personalities by looking at their dress styles.

230.jpg 329.jpg 430.jpg 528.jpg twins.jpg

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6 Responses to The Olsen Twins As Bridesmaids

  1. kate

    what a hideous dress and what is on her head?

  2. chrissy

    marykate’s (i think) dress is so ugly but i love ashley’s. shes always been my fave of the two.

  3. Ugly Mug

    They sure are ugly.

  4. New York Girl

    yea what is that on her head? she looks like a idiot!!!!!

  5. Amy

    they were obviously allowed to choose their own dresses, because that looks like everything else she wears and it too is hideous!

  6. Marie

    whoever wrote this article has no taste in clothes..the dresses are horrible!!!

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