Lauren Conrad didnít make a sex tape!


According to Laurenís ex Jason Wahler, the two never made a sex tape together. Jason Called Ryan Searcrestís rado show to set things straight.

E-Online reports-

As for the infamous sex tape of him and L.C. (a rumor purportedly started by Heidi Ďní Spencer)? ďThere is no tape, thatís the most frustrating thing. Theyíre such lowlifes, they have nothing better to do. I was in rehab when I found out. It was just another frustrating thing. I couldnít have a sayóI was on lockdown.Ē

Thats no fun, theres gotta be a sex tape of them somewhere. You think you can just go on the air and convince people to stop thinking about it? The search will still continue.

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2 Responses to Lauren Conrad didnít make a sex tape!

  1. sexymami

    “the search will still continue”

    damn you people have no lifes!!

  2. Marie

    Well ok even if there is a sex tape whocares not me they’re just really kinky people then and should not be exploited to everyone and heidi and spenc. are lowlifes like jason says they are.I mean really heidi is just upset b/c lauren want talk to her and now she look like a evil twisted and sick person.

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