Kanye’s Backstage Meltdown!


Click here to watch video of Kanyeís backstage meltdown at the VMAs!

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4 Responses to Kanye’s Backstage Meltdown!

  1. sexymami

    wow kanye chill out!

  2. Butishn

    “Cry Baby Cry” OMG he really needs to stop crying first it was because he didn’t get an award now it’s cause Brit stole his mojo. Get a life! Quit Cryin. Ha ha Cry me a River – Britney Spears LOL

  3. Nicole

    Kanye needs to shut the f**k up and stop acting like a f**king child!!!! boohoo, so you didn’t win a vma, and if you continue to have your little meltdowns, you will never win a vma so chill the f**K down damn!!!!!

  4. mitchell

    all of this was over and award grow up and grow sum balls

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