Britney Spears VMA “Performance”


What did you think?  We want your thoughts!

What did you think?  We want your thoughts!

What did you think?  We want your thoughts!

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23 Responses to Britney Spears VMA “Performance”

  1. Elizabeth

    Sarah Silverman VS Brittney Spears – allright everyone shut the hell up already, fuck all of you fake bitches who are all tryin to be all nice and shit about brittney spears, sarah silverman said what needed to me said, she said it comically, brittneys children were mistakes, that drugged out whore bitch does not deserve children, if i had been on that stage i would have been a bitch about it instead of comical, so shut the fuck up.

    oh & the cartoon drawing of her looks great, tho you shoulda put some boils and shit and her dropping the kids, her ass was hanging outta her clothes tho, instead of her ass and tits (3 pieces) being in, there were about 10 pieces hanging out, yuck.

  2. Leah

    So you think what she says was OK.
    Well then this makes you as bad as the bitch herself!!!!
    I guess you don’t have children of your own and are just some kid that has no clue what she is talking about.
    And as for her being fat that is a joke.
    BRITNEY (spell it right!!!) has no chance of getting better with everyone being down on her all the time cut her some slack and don’t stand by this bitch silverman!!!!!

  3. Betsy

    I give Britney credit for going up on stage and doing what she did. And I think she looked good for having 2 kids. Have you seen people who just had one and they’re HUGE ASS HELL! So you go Britney!

  4. Nikki

    I think your just a hater! Just like most ppl who are doggin on Brit!! If Brit wasnt a celeb then the small mistakes she made wouldnt have mattered a bit! But since her lastname is Spears then everyone assumes she isnt human and isnt allowed to mess up at all in life! Well NOONE should ASSume cause ya just make an ass outta yourself! And stop Bein some ruthless hatin ass bitches! Your just jealouse because she has everything you want in life and you cant have it! You all just some haterZ! Leave that poor girl alone! And no Im not kissing her ass,I dont like her music,But I think its sad that everyone has to point out every flaw she makes! Wich prooves what Ive already said!! Youre just a hater because Brit has it all and you DONT!! MMMKAY bubye

  5. Sade

    I saw the show. Britney did the same job she usually does lipsinking…lol. I am willing to deal with her weight, she looks good for having kids recently, better than I do. The outfit was not appropriate for her weight. The show was pretty shoddy. Maybe someone made her mad and she was being vengeful. This is not the work of Brit by any means. It’s sad but I hope she does a turn around for her sake.

  6. korrie

    she looks grosss…

  7. Diaz

    I think we all feel Britney’s performance fell way short and it was a disappointment to all. I do have to say for her having 2 kids in the last 2 years, she does look good, HOWEVER, not good enough to pull off the outfit she tried to wear last night. Come on Britney, you are a mother of 2 who is currently in a custody battle for them I think you could act more like an adult as well as dress like one.
    Why don’t you try staying at home with your kids every once in a while and try putting your career and life back together and THEN worry about what parties you are going to be at.
    I’m sorry but she was a total disappointment last night.

  8. Gavin's Mommy

    You know I thought most of what Sarah Silverman said was funny but the comment about her children was pretty out of line I think. You can insult the star but don’t put down the kids for her behavior and performance. The rest of the stuff was kinda deserved for her behavior lately and that performance. Honestly it was aweful! I know a lot of them lip sing their performances but she made it very obvious and if you aren’t going to really sing at least dance with some passion or anything. She danced all stiff like it was her first time to ever be on stage and she was a scared little kid. She barely moved and it was actualy painful to watch. I had high hopes even though I dont like her I heard she was working with Chris Angel but saw nothing to do with that on the performance. I was kinda hoping he would make her dissapear!

  9. Brooke

    Sarah Silverman is a comedienne. That’s what she does – she tells jokes! Hell, she picked on 50 Cent too. Did he cry about it? Nope!

    Nikki said ” Youre just a hater because Brit has it all and you DONT!! MMMKAY bubye”

    LOL! She has nothing. Last night was like watching the death of a pop princess. Her career is OVER! One thing she does have is Money – how do you think her body looked so good after 2 kids! Duh! Can we say plastic surgery?

  10. Tara

    Ok ok, so the performance was just OK, but give the girl some credit, its been a long time since she has performed and you could tell on her face she was really nervous, she’s been through a lot in the past 2 yrs, a cheating ass looser husband who just wanted her money from day one and the media breathing down her neck 24-7. And miss Elizabeth, im sorry but you must be some idiot child to make such comments about her. The only difference between her and a normal mom is that every thing she does is done in the limelight and is made known to the world. Millions of mothers, especially first time mothers make little mistakes, nobody is perfect but their mistakes are not magnafied. Needless to say what sarah silverman said was WAY out of line. No child deserves to be called a mistake, what a coward bitch she is to say such crap!!! Also Brit is NOT fat, I hope I look that good after 2 yrs. Im sorry but I like her and I can understand why she was nervous because of idiots like sara and you that no matter what she does to improve herself just pushes her back down. Leave the girl alone!! Get a life of your own!! Your not perfect eaither, sorry sara but your ugly and you use your jokes, which are nasty and not even funny to hide your low self esteem…did you notice hardley anybody laughed at the jokes…your not funny!! Your just cruel.

  11. Little Luv

    That wasn’t the Britney Spears I know! She couldn’t even walk in those high heel boots she had on! The outfit was very inappropriate for her weight and besides that, she couldn’t even hardly dance like she KNOWS how to! I personally think she looked disgusting! All she wants to do is party and its sad that her children have to pay! I am not a hater of her, I have always liked Britney! But from all the news about her, I personally think she is going thru some kind of post-pardum Depression to be doing the OUTRAGEOUS things she has done! She was so drugged up, she couldn’t even Lip it ! So something more is going on with her! But for her sake I hope she gets better and comes back like the Britney we all know and love! Get better Girl! I will always be a fan of yours!

  12. dlynn208

    Britney sucked, plain and simple. If she really wanted to make this HUGE comeback, she would have stepped it up 100% more then it was. She was sloppy and just plain boring. Although I don’t like Sarah Silverman, she had me laughing my ass off. At least she isn’t afraid to say what everyone is thinking. I think Britney is finished after last night!

  13. tara

    Wow, I was a bit embarrassed for her. I mean, she could have at least sang the damn song since she barely moved her fuller figure around the stage. She looked like she didn’t care what was going on or how she looked. I think she needs some serious help.

  14. misskris

    i thin brittney is a total slut and getting drunk before big shows is not working for her


  15. Brandy

    How she looked, (which BTW is not bad at all for having 2 c-sections in 2years!) is the least of her problems. Doesn’t she realize that she is loosing her kids to that wanna be “THUG”? She needs new management, b/c whoever is advising her now is stupider than she is!!! STAY HOME WITH YOU KIDS!!!

  16. hope

    So the show was not up to the standards that we used to expect of Britney. We have all watched Britney grow and I feel sorry for her. I think all the Hollywood pressure got to her. Last night was her first night back since she had her breakdown, and while it wasn’t good-I think she will become better as time goes by. Without our support, she just won’t get better. Please, let’s help her by not being so negative! I bet you were all big fans when she was successful but now that she has hit a rough patch, you all will turn your backs and not be supportive. She may have money and be famous, but she is a real person with real person. Let’s show some support.

  17. hope

    I meant she is a real person with real problems not a real person with real person. Sorry, it’s been a long night.

  18. Amy

    I feel sorry for brit, she looked ridiculous up there, i actually felt embarassed for her as I watched her in desperation try to pull off that performance. Whats really sad is she does not have the talent (anymore) to be performing at the vma’s, come on, she isnt even in the same league as the other performers, its like she has stooped to where she will do anything, basically just grasping at straws. she really looked pathetic, (not fat tho), but trailer trashy, and the song was a joke. as for her choreograpghy, lol, if u could call it that, it was so sad to watch, i felt like she was kinda exploited by mtv she wasnt ready! all said tho I really would like to see her make a comeback, and pull herself together, I agree she is a real person with very real problems, and even tho she sucked at the vma’s, I think she has talent and hope she gets it together.

  19. sexymami

    everyone should leave britney alone except the people who respect her
    britney did try to do her best! and give her a break { oh shes fat } duh she had 2 babys and she did lose alot of weight! you guys just judge her and dont even think about it first and that stupid picture on top does not look like her shes way prettier you stupid people

    Karma Bitches!

  20. sexymami

    people say she didnt even try i mean she was proably nervous
    she hadnt been on stage for a long time so what do you expect

  21. TARA


  22. Amanda

    Spears deserves to lose her kids to Kevin. I originally thought that he was no good and she would bounce back but she didn’t and won’t. As far as Kanye West whining about MTV and how they exploited her.. THATS BULLCRAP!!! She is a big girl and can make decisions on her own. She just makes the bad ones. She needs to pull her self out of the “spotlight” and focus on what matters HER KIDS.

  23. Ashley

    I think that Britany looked better then most women could in the outfit she had on & for having 2 kids she is pretty hot still but compared to the outfits in the past she looks about 15-20lbs over weight.

    I think it’s sad whats happened to her. She’s lost her mind. She botched the performance BIG time. She looked all pill’d out HELLA much. I think she needs help before she ends up just like her idol Marilyn Monroe – DEAD.

    Basically it was really sad. (funnie, but sad all the same…)

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