J.Lo FINALLY Confirms Pregnancy!

Jennifer Lopez FINALLY broke the news to a concert crowd that she is indeed with child. The fans we’re extatic with joy to share this moment with her and hubby, Marc Anthony.

Lopez explained that she didnít announce the pregnancy until the final show of her El Cantante tour so that people would pay attention to her and not the baby.

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4 Responses to J.Lo FINALLY Confirms Pregnancy!

  1. mrs martinez

    wow im gald she is finally going to be a mommy she will be a great one!

  2. teressa

    its about time!!! congrats to j.lo and marc! Is it twins???

  3. Emily.

    That’s great news, but it’s ECSTATIC not EXTATIC.

  4. Nicole

    yea it’s about time she confirmed it!!!!! it was only a matter of time. well anyway, i’m so excited for her and I hope that it’s twins. :)

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